Andrews Air Force Base, Virginia- Ambulatory Care Clinic Renovation


Workplace Solutions provided outfitting and transition services for renovations and additions to a multi-story 344,548 square foot Ambulatory Care Clinic . The project included an ambulatory surgery center, emergency care department, pathology lab, primary care, physical and occupational therapy, women’s health facilities, Command and Wing administrative space, and space for other support services to include warehousing and medical logistics. The project included comprehensive initial outfitting and project management functions, medical equipment planning, low voltage/communications requirements, transition, commodities, furnishings, clinical case goods, logistics, installation, artwork, security, and public relations..


Veterans Administration, Loma Linda- Ambulatory Care Center Initial Outfitting, Transition, & AV


Workplace Solutions provided full service initial outfitting, transition, and activation services to consolidate staff located primarily in the main VA Loma Linda Medical Center and the Redlands Based Outpatient Center (RBOC) to a newly construction 270,000 sq ft ambulatory care center. The team's services included Comprehensive Project Management, Warehousing, Installation, Testing, and Training, Transition Planning including Move and Relocation, Concept of Operations consulting, Day in the Life development, and Final Turnover and Close-Out Services. The ACC

included primary care, dental, women’s health, geriatrics, physical therapy, mental health, and administrative support.

Dyess Air Force Base, Texas- FY17 Command & Administration Modernization, Renovation


Workplace Solutions supported this Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) project to reconfigure, right‐size, and realign Command and administrative areas as part of the modernization of the Dyess AFB Clinic (building 9201). Workplace Solutions provided project management, transition planning, furniture/space design, procurement, warehousing, installation, and closeout for the multi-phased project that included moving into a temporary facility then moving back on to the renovated space in close coordination as part of the design build initial outfitting team. 


Aviano Air force Base, Italy- Dental Clinic Renovation


Workplace Solutions provided initial outfitting and transition services within support of a renovation of the Dental Clinic in Aviano, Italy. The project consisted of a 2 phase 8,400-square foot dental clinic renovation of an existing dental clinic (Building 121), built in 1986. Workplace Solutions was responsible for the Initial Outfitting and Transition into a temporary facility, then outfitting and transition back into the renovated facility.

U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center – Europe (USAMMCE) Relocation and Renovation, Germany


Workplace Solutions is providing initial outfitting services and transition services for a highly complex mission-critical medical warehouse facility in support of a relocation to a new medical warehouse facility 60 miles away and and a reduction from 27 building with 555,600 Sq. Ft. to 9 buildings with 270,000 sq. ft. The project included project management functions, medical equipment planning, low voltage/communications planning, transition planning, Concept of Operations development, Day in the Life planning, furniture planning, installation, overseas shipping, installation, biomedical testing/clarification, artwork, security, and public relations.